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Rolling Stone: Why Professional Cuddling Is Booming Under Trump!

Hey, I saw this on Rolling Stone and thought you’d be interested in it: http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/features/why-professional-cuddling-is-booming-under-trump-w495042?utm_source=email


Welcome, I prove Newton’s third law of Motion correct. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If something enters my mind it comes out of my mouth! from Bloglovin’

Welcome, I prove Newton’s third law of Motion correct. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If something enters my mind it comes out of my mouth! from the blog Posts by MARSHALL THOMPSON

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photo 178324429229526
photo 178324429229526


If you Want to be happy all the time in life? Must read the secret of happy life .

An interesting article posted by my new friend ANKURCHAUDHARI on how happiness and unhappiness are connected to Karma. A topic I have written about numerous times. In the Christian faith, we call Karmatic Principles by the Hebrew interpretation know as “The Law of Reciprocity” Basically the same thing, i.e you get what you deserve or as Jesus put it “Do unto others…” #PeaceMarshall

Story of my life

Hello, friend’s

Today we talk about our own life. Every humans want to be happy all the time in thair life . Not to surprise it is our by default nature. Life is so hard live wefeel so many times in our life . But we don’t think every that , Why life is so hard to life . Why it is so difficult for everyone. And why do we have to suffer.Whereas we just wanted happiness. Why ? Why it’s happening with every one ? Let’s think about it .

For understand Secret of happy life . We have to understand what is life .

In my opinion life is a reflection of our KARMA . It means our KARMA decide our future . Indian scripture is clearly and loudly teach use KARMA. They are said thatKARMA SE BADA KHUCH BHI NAHI KARMA HI SAAB KUCH HE .

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The Reason You Should Disagree With Your Parents

Every one of us who grew up and now have children of our own (I saw the birth of my first Grand Child in 2015) can relate to this in his or her own way. I am already seeing the evolution of change from how my parents were influenced to how my son interacts with my Grand Daughter and I can’t wait to take my role as Grand Father. I pray that my influences are half as positive as I now see my fathers were on me! #PeaceMarshall



When I was a small boy I didn’t like vegetables; they were multi-coloured, bland and good for me. Any English northern boy worth his salt wouldn’t touch such a thing. I wanted ‘yellow’ food – chips, deep fried chicken, pizza and more chips – with a side of chips. It is fair to say, my parents did not agree. Then there was the time my parents wanted to go to their Godson’s christening, but I wanted to stay at home and play video games. Once again, they disagreed*.

This is a common feature among households, parents just don’t seem to agree with their children. And equally, children don’t seem to agree with their parents.

Now this is for a very good reason. Your parents have lived 20 to 30 years longer than you. So even if they aren’t the best parents on earth, they know enough to know that a diet…

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196 // New Drugs For Depression

A Nugget from Mindfump.com always a Good Read and I recommend and follow. #PeaceMarshall


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If anyone hasn’t heard of the life-giving infant liquid pain relief product ‘Calpol’, then I don’t really need to explain it, because I just did. Sat right between Sunny D and Turkey Twizzlers, Calpol was a staple in the diet of every 90s child between the ages 5 and 10. Growing up I learned that it was in fact a medicine, but during childhood I just thought it was a gift from the gods as recompense for being sick.

This spoon fed syrupy sugary goodness was a reason to be sick. It was the silver lining. I looked forward to getting sick, not because I’d have a couple of days of school, but because I’d have Calpol in my life once more. And so what if it has rather dubious amounts of E numbers, which have been banned in many countries…

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The Atlantic: The Atlantic Daily: Comey Speaks

A Senate hearing becomes must-see TV, the U.K. votes, the UN reports on ISIS’s destruction, and more

This is the Heading for an article  The Atlantic Daily via their online newsletter June 8, 2017. I watched Comey’ testimony before Congress and this article is NOT about that event. It is 180* from the truth. A perfect example of Main Stream Media bias and Fake News! Read for yourself. I am calling “BULLSHIT”


The link to the article about Comey’s testimony before Congress is below

Read this:



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How do I deal with spam comments on my blog 1: Why do people spam my blog and why should I stop them? — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

FYI from the Chris The Reading Ape’s Blog, WordPress

Originally posted on LibroEditing proofreading, editing, transcription, localisation: After writing about keeping people engaged with our blogs last week, I started thinking about those people we DON’T want to engage with – spammers. In the first part of this series I’ll talk about why people might spam comment on a blog and why we shouldn’t…

via How do I deal with spam comments on my blog 1: Why do people spam my blog and why should I stop them? — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog 


The Great Betrayal of Middle America

Trump Derangement Syndrome

The writer of the article linked from The Beast’s Blog is proof that the “Chicken Little Personality Disorder” is spreading. He changed the talking points from “Basket of Deplorable’s” to “A Up-Rising of Peasants” According to Mr. Webster, a peasant is a poor farmer of low social status. Further, the author contends that before Pres. Trump was elected, he simply conducted a consumer survey to find a “TAG” that would get him elected.


The Great Betrayal of Middle America

The people who wanted Donald Trump to halt the rule of their “betters” are having a rude awakening.


What is it? – Warcraft Peasant by Carancerth via deviantart.com


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Semper Fi “Allways Faithfull”

via Lone Marine Holds Salute For 3 Hours To Honor Fallen 

I remember watching this take place as the ROLLING THUNDER MOTORCYCLES were arriving in Washington DC. Some of the riders would stop and salute back as the Marine stood holding his salute with sweat pouring from his face and near collapse, I became emotional.

Watch the video of this event at RESHAREWORTHY.COM or on Facebook.

A Stark Contrast to the event unfolding before us today! @Combating Liberals Slack Team (Blog & Facebook Page/Group – Marshall W Thompson, Sr.) Join Us!

vintage american flag mj2jnq o l1
vintage American flag mj2jnq o l1

Combating Liberals

Check Out This Article

Hi, I thought you might enjoy reading this article I just came across: “Obama’s CRYBABY-like reaction to Trump pulling U.S. out of Paris climate deal” This is the link: http://silenceisconsent.net/obama-reacts-paris-climate/ {link}


Silence Is Consent Magazine



{above is linking to Silence is Consent publication}







17. New Orleans in 1848. November Boughs. Whitman, Walt. 1892. Prose Works

17. New Orleans in 1848. November Boughs. Whitman, Walt. 1892. Prose Works

17. New Orleans in 1848. November Boughs. Whitman, Walt. 1892. Prose Works


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Walt Whitman writing about his time in New Orleans. He mentions the local news paper the Picayune which is a French name meaning “ a little piece of something “ The paper was a brief summary of all things New Orleans. Now it is the state of Louisiana’s signature News Paper and is called The Times Picayune. I have an online subscription and have the Sunday edition mailed to me in Tennessee.