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What does a rapist, globalist, and a terrorist supporter have in common? They were the last three presidents of the USA! Oh yea, I said it and you can quote me.



 Regnery PublishingHome for the best conservative authors series collections  

The Politically Incorrect Guides and Politically Correct Bed Time Stories are two of the book series that are hysterical reads that I bought from Regnery Publishing. The link below will redirect to their WebSite. Click it and take a look see!


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MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR – ” I’m Your Huckleberry “

Source: MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR – ” I’m Your Huckleberry “

My free mentoring service for at-risk male youths as it is listed thru Google Business. 1. Tutoring 2. Life skills 3.Possitive Roll Model 4. Man vs Male 5. CASA 6. Men’s Movement  7. Good Men Project 8. Ect.

My attempt at “Paying It Forward” to male youths who never had the benelfit of having a Dad (being a sperm donor makes a father, not a Dad) like I had. I female is born with almost everything she needs to know about being a mother, but a boy has to learn how to be a Man-Treat Women-Become a Dad by watching what his Dad did as he grows up. Sometimes the example is negative or no example at all. A shout out to Single Mothers ” Your are the real Super Woman”

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Confirmation Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices

Confirmation bias is a cognitive shortcut that can lead to some pretty horrendous decisions. Here’s how to recognize and overcome it in your life.

Confirmation bias is the human tendency to seek, interpret, and remember information that confirms your own pre-existing beliefs!

Source: Confirmation Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices


 Thank God For My Enemies

Who would have thought that someone would be thanking God for their enemies? Unless you have been through the ordeals such as I have, you cannot understand. My prayer is that after reading this boo…

Source: Book – Thank God For My Enemies

Thank God For Your Enemies Prayer! – Pure Glory { From an article published on my Blog;  marshall326.com }

Words To Live By

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10 Things to Remember When You’re Going Through Tough Times

When we are faced with difficulty, sometimes it’s hard to remain positive and have hope that things are going to get better. When we are worrying and over thinking, it’s ever harder to see the…

Source: 10 Things to Remember When You’re Going Through Tough Times{LINK – pocketfulofsmiles,com} 


7 Words to Impact.(What Would Jesus Do?)

All over the world, every week we hear of some disaster or tragedy that is affecting someone. We as Christians, have no excuse not to be helping those in need. It is never wrong to help those who are in need. To turn a blind eye and say, ‘that’s not our problem’ is to ignore…

Source: 7 Words to Impact, Pt3 – BayArt 



Peace of mind.   Clean the plate and set yourself free.   “I think the first step is to understand that forgiveness does not exonerate the perpetrator. Forgiveness liberates the victim. It’s a gift you give yourself.” – T. D. Jakes Forgive and set yourself free.   The past is the past.   Don’t let…

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Take the first step in faith. We don’t need to see the whole staircase; we just need to take the first step. –Martin Luther King Jr


” I submit that if a man never finds something worth dying for he was never fit to live ” – MLK                                                                                                                      #PeaceMarshall

The Purple Almond

Sometimes, if you’re like me, we get scared of following our dreams because we don’t know exactly how it’s going to happen. As Dr. King says, have faith. Take the first step and work the rest out along the way.

Have a great day everyone!


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Dealing with Disruptive and Dysfunctional Coworkers

Dealing with Disruptive and Dysfunctional Coworkers- Let’s admit it. Not all bosses and coworkers are pleasant. Many are, but many others are offensive, uncooperative, jealous, rancorous, cantankerous and what not.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: trainhrtraining.wordpress.com

My Life’s History

If you Want to be happy all the time in life? Must read the secret of happy life .

An interesting article posted by my new friend ANKURCHAUDHARI on how happiness and unhappiness are connected to Karma. A topic I have written about numerous times. In the Christian faith, we call Karmatic Principles by the Hebrew interpretation know as “The Law of Reciprocity” Basically the same thing, i.e you get what you deserve or as Jesus put it “Do unto others…” #PeaceMarshall

Story of my life

Hello, friend’s

Today we talk about our own life. Every humans want to be happy all the time in thair life . Not to surprise it is our by default nature. Life is so hard live wefeel so many times in our life . But we don’t think every that , Why life is so hard to life . Why it is so difficult for everyone. And why do we have to suffer.Whereas we just wanted happiness. Why ? Why it’s happening with every one ? Let’s think about it .

For understand Secret of happy life . We have to understand what is life .

In my opinion life is a reflection of our KARMA . It means our KARMA decide our future . Indian scripture is clearly and loudly teach use KARMA. They are said thatKARMA SE BADA KHUCH BHI NAHI KARMA HI SAAB KUCH HE .

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “Lone Wolf – Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone”

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Lone Wolf – Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone
by Team Fearless
The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest. That is the walk that builds your character the most.

LONE WOLF – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation
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Sen John McCain: Public Enemy #1


Let Mr. McCain pay for his cancer treatment with Obama Care and make all of Congress lose their exception to the ACA granted to them by King Obama after they begged like a crybaby bitch!

Here is what we can do, 1. Urge POTUS Trump to resend the exception by Executive Order and stop all funding for health coverage, private facilities, perks and life long pensions. 2. Contact your congressman or woman. 3. Contact McCain himself.

Below you will find links to Pres. Trump and Sen. McCain. Tap on the links to be taken to those sites and find the contact us section.



@SenJohnMcCain – Twitter


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Motivational Videos

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Check out “BULLSHIT!” from Think Nice on VimeoCheck out “BULLSHIT!” from Think Nice on Vimeo



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Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results   ARBORICULTURE 

In December and January, Tree Services surveyed 250 arborists and tree care company owners on the state of the industry, including questions about safety, overcoming various challenges, budgeting, eq

Source: Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results {link}


The Face That Runs The Place -Marshall Thompson
T C B Taking Care Of BEES NEES ( It’s a “Southern Thang”)

This post is just for me, how I feed the pig for 26 years. In that period: 21 Hurricanes 11 Major Ice Storms 29 States altogether and never missed a day of work until that day that the ” Bullett Hit Bone ” Now here we are. As Bob Seager sang, Turn The Page.   #PeaceMarshall


I DON’T ALWAYS LEARN MY LESSON BUT WHEN I DO YOU CAN BET I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY. Experience is the best teacher. AwakeningHumans Source: I DON’T ALWAYS LEARN MY LESSON BUT WHEN I DO YOU CAN BET I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY Experience Is the Best Teacher AwakeningHumans | Meme on me.me

The Gift of Prayer 

My private convictions do not stretch to organized religion or belief in a deity. I do, however, have very strong personal spiritual beliefs. Religion and spirituality are separate concepts. They may exist concurrently or independently and are incredibly individual and personal. Imagine what a wonderful world it could be, if universally everyone took comfort in their own beliefs, and offered acceptance to differing viewpoints.…

Source: The Gift of Prayer – BayArt {LINK}


Amazing Grace ” undeserved favor from God” {LINK}


http://marshall326.com    #PeaceMarshall

Words To Live By Daily

Why are we in a hurry? I guess we forgot to stop and smell the flowers Always rushing somewhere Have to be there in an hour Patience runs thin as road rage begin Pray when people start using turn signals again I would rather be safe and not try to scurry Accidents happen when we……

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “BEST OF TD JAKES – Motivational Speech Videos Compilation | 30-Minute Mot ivation”

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Words To Live By
BEST OF TD JAKES – Motivational Speech Videos Compilation | 30-Minute Motivation
by Motiversity
THE BEST MOTIVATION FROM TD JAKES! This is a compilation of the Best TD Jakes Motivational Speeches that I have ever heard.

I hope this video will inspire you and motivate you! If you liked it please like, comment, and subscribe as it really helps. Thanks for watching!

Speaker: …

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My Top 20 Favourite Quotes

Damon Ashworth Psychology

20. “A Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today.” — Karen Lamb


19. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson


18. “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin


17. “Instead of condemning people, let’s try to understand them. Let’s try to figure out why they do what they do. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism; and it breeds sympathy, tolerance and kindness. ‘To know all is to forgive all.'” Dale Carnegie


16. “Rules for Happiness: Something to do, Someone to love, Something to hope for.” – Immanuel Kant


15. “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean


14. “Though philosophers have traditionally been concerned with the…

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King Solomon, All Men Stink

I completely agree with @scatterwisdom and King Solomon (Book of Wisdom). I often rant about the “dumbing down” of the male gene pool. I draw a distinct difference male/man. I see males everywhere but very few men. The testosterone level of a 21-year-old male in 2008 was 66% lower than in 1945! However, men from my generation are responsible for the gender neutral society we live in today. We baby boomers (I was born 1957 the last year to qualify) dropped the ball! We forgot what being a man required. Females were raising our sons and defining manhood via the feminist nazi fringe. The age of the “Sensitive Male” was born. My generation, for the most part, used this new motto as a new way to get laid. Things are beginning to change, those of us who never surrendered want to reclaim and teach true manhood to all males. The Men’s Movement, Mentoring Rocks, and Good Men Project are off and running. King Solomon would be proud. Check out https://rudymartinka.com a Blog I endorse. #PeaceMarshall aka MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR Independently Owned & Operated Bloglovn@marshall326com and WP http://marshall326.com

Rudy u Martinka

Sin, which is folly, is like a dead fly, will injure the character of a wise and honorable man.

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Addiction (poem) – BayArt

Trapped in a box Trying to find my way out Climbed in to find What live is about Fell down hard deep into a hole Gasping for breath Losing control, I want to become whole Knowing that I have to change my life I need help/ I need the blood of Christ In powerless to…

Source: Addiction (poem) – BayArt {link}

I will pray for you and everyone who else who lives in shame because of something that is not your fault. {link}

God Is Awsome!  #PeaceMarshall

God Our Problem Solver

by Hazel Straub How many times have you let anxiety, worry, pureglory.net is a Blog that I follow and the Apostle G.C. is my spiritual mentor who keeps me grounded as I tend to stray!and fear be your meditation? It robs us of sleep, peace and makes some grouches. We do not enjoy today, due to doubt and fear, failing to …

Source: God Our Problem Solver

Open both underlined links and read them 3 min tops. The prayer about our enemies is taped to my bathroom mirror, incredible! #PeaceMarshall


” Karma means action or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual (cause) influences the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good Karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad Karma and future suffering. “

Karma’s ancestry can be found in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the principle of retaliatory justice. It only recently found a home in western urban vocabulary and is the word of choice for generation X.  A form of Karma is found in Judaism and Christianity as well. However, if you study both the old and new testaments one can see that Karma can be both bad and good. Today’s use of it only carries bad implications and the good has been “whited out”. I can not and will not speak for anyone but myself. Someone else’s belief system ( or lack of ) is none of my business. Life and let live is my policy. Stay on your side of the fence and I will stay on mine. I extend that curtsy to all people and expect the same in return. It is when it is not mutual that I have a problem. I am of the Christian faith as my father was. So, my take on Karma comes from that angle. It does not make me right and others wrong nor does it make me wrong. This is especially true as I am not trying to impose my belief on anyone.

If you are as open-minded as I hope I am then just taking this as food for thought. While reading about Karma, I had to practice what I preach and do an about-face and admit I was wrong. I seem to be doing that allot lately. As I approach 60 and since the birth of my grandchild I see now where I have spent my entire life wrong about wrong about 80% of the time. I am developing quite a taste for crow. I am more than sure that I have a steady diet of it in my future.

Regardless of how you think the universe was formed, one thing is constant for us all. That one thing is the Law or Principle of Reciprocity. Sir Issac Newton sums it up very well in his third law of motion (physics). ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. What goes up must come down. Everything under the stars must have an exact opposite. If it is good then there must be evil. Up then there is down. In then out. So on and so on. It is the only way we can define something. Nature set it up that way. Think about it, how could you call a thing good if there was nothing that was bad. Reciprocity is found not only in proven science but in Law and society. It is intended as a blueprint for how humans interact with one another. In my faith, King Solomon spells it out line for line in the book of Proverbs. Sad to say, I do not think this has ever been adhered to. Karma actually has a role here. In fact, the basic principle of Karma is the same as ” Divine Providence ” There was and still is crime and punishment but the two must be equal. You can not hang a person for stealing someone’s garden hose.

5 Karmaic Laws That Have the Potential to Change Your Life – Expanded Consciousness

Thank God For Your Enemies Prayer!


Let it go!  #PeaceMarshall


Is Saying a Guy Has a Small Dick ‘Body Shaming?’ – MEL Magazine

There’s no good response to a public callout re how much heat you’re packing

Source: Is Saying a Guy Has a Small Dick ‘Body Shaming?’ – MEL Magazine

I could write my doctorate on this subject. There is just so much material to work with such as never mind I am laughing so hard (pun) I can barely type. #PeaceMarshall