Facebook Deletes 1900 Pages With Content Offensive to Islam

  http://www.pi-news.org/2015/01/facebook-deletes-1900-pages-with-content-offensive-to-islam/{link} I was censored by Fakebook and my posts were being marked as spam. I was banned from posting to Conservative Groups. My Blog’s page unpublished and not visible in searches. Now my entire account has been deactivated! I am considered by Fakebook and accused of the following; 1. Racist 2. Race Baiter 3. Bullying 4.…Read more »

World’s oldest neo-Nazi website Stormfront shut down

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/08/29/worlds-oldest-neo-nazi-website-stormfront-shut/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_em{link} I have been investigating this website for over two months. I was not ready to write my article just yet. But, The Powers To Be did not ask me. I will publish the real story very soon. Hold on to your hat a storm coming! #PeaceMarshall https://www.stormfront.org