The main stream media is out of touch

I find the US mainstream media particularly boring and uninformative these days. It has become embedded in a partisan political campaign and seems to go into a frenzy over every bit of “evidence” or fake news it can garner, invent, or exaggerate in an apparent attempt to reverse the results of last year’s presidential elections.…

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Both Republicans and Democrats are victims of Fake News as well. However, the Nazicrats are the hidden figure behind the curtain!

Comey’s Latest Statement Is An Indictment Of Comey, Not Trump

In his latest statement, former FBI director James Comey makes clear that he was playing a game with Donald Trump, and that Trump called his bluff.

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How To Become An Apologist For Violence

This isn’t violence. What they are doing is violence. They are the violence. Didn’t you hear what they said last week? Didn’t you see the video that went viral last week?

Source: How To Become An Apologist For Violence   

Read this article from Jacob Geers a writer at Thought Catalog and see his list of reasons people justify and even agree with the use of violence, any form of it! Riots, disrespect, 1st Amendment, sarcasm and playing the race card can be forms of violence. Does that sound familiar? wait.. wait…Bomb!!!  This is playing out before our eyes, i.e Kathy Giffard, Steven Cobar, Fake News etc.  Do you get the picture? People seek out others who are just like them, strength in numbers. Mainly because they are cowards. They have a herd mentality. Sharks feeding in a frenzy. They never stand alone. This article presents a perfect example of Liberal Focus and Trump Derangement Syndrome.  The “Chicken Little Personality Disorder” is a common trait among them. Words do incite violence even though the SCOTUS ruled years ago that it was not a legal defense. Most are post baby boomers and have never heard of that ruling and those who can’t remember that are baby boomers. They all seem to have never heard of another tenant of jurisprudence, Ignorance of the Law is no Defence! So, to Apologist of Violence, I have a  shout-out:  BULLSHIT

Mainstream media outlets are dropping the ball with terrorism coverage. Wonder Why?


First He Became an American—Then He Joined ISIS

The 10 Commandments for Con-Artists 

And How Honest Folks Can Use Them

Source: The 10 Commandments for Con-Artists – The Coffeelicious – Medium  { Link to the list of the 10 Commandments. This is a very good article and a good tool to use. I have used many of them in the past when I was negotiating contracts, dealing with the men who worked for me and in when I was talking to women. I was not trying to con anybody and did not know con-artists used them as tools of the trade back then. I have known it for quite a while now. In fact, there is a person using them on me right now. I will play along long enough to find out what they are after and if there is another person involved.   Peace,  Marshall


If you talk to me like a Badass-You better be a Badass! ( Motivational Speech Video )


Con Artists on the Internet are masters at translating the written word into body language and the reader has the same emotional and physical reactions as they would have had been they face to face with the writer. The documents photos account contact’s about me all are the work of a master counterfeiter. Social Media is the modern day version a den of thieves. They are the pirates who sail the Internet. Yahoo and G+ are infested with them in their groups and communities many are set up by a scammer or he/she operates from one. Remember the old proverbs ” If it sounds too good to it usually is and Trust but verify”  #PeaceMarshall