How to Flag Fake News on Facebook –

Facebook users can report stories in their news feeds that they suspect are fake. We’ll show you how.

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Social Media is the Mother of Fake News, Scammers, Trolls, Pedophiles, Manwhores, False Flags and Porn redirects.


Click on the links below and note a couple of sites listed that are to be careful visiting or having accounts with!!



1. G+ Communities-Groups

2. Yahoo

3. tumblar

4. Web Apps

5. Sign Up For Free

6. E-mail

7. Friends Requests

FYI: Shop online with a prepaid debit or gift card not connected to your bank account. Most Banking Institutions can assist you. Also, sign up for text alerts for your personal Bank account.


Get Over The Mind –

Since the day we opened our eyes for the first time, we were led to believe that our minds are important, that they have tremendous significance, that they are powerful and through our minds we will get to have a pleasant life if we are somehow blessed with a great natural set of thoughts or if we manage to educate and nurture it in the right ways. But as your world is an illusion, your mind is also not real and you don’t need your mind’s permission to become more. Your thoughts are layers of distortion defining an illusion, that’s how fake they are. In your mind exists confusion over your mind lies true clarity. Continue Reading →

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The Atlantic: The Atlantic Daily: Comey Speaks

A Senate hearing becomes must-see TV, the U.K. votes, the UN reports on ISIS’s destruction, and more

This is the Heading for an article  The Atlantic Daily via their online newsletter June 8, 2017. I watched Comey’ testimony before Congress and this article is NOT about that event. It is 180* from the truth. A perfect example of Main Stream Media bias and Fake News! Read for yourself. I am calling “BULLSHIT”


The link to the article about Comey’s testimony before Congress is below

Read this: 


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Epic – Very Fake News CNN Host Don Lemon Cuts Interview When CNN Called “Fake News”…

The term “Lyin’ Ted” stuck, because Ted Cruz lied.  The term “Little Marco” stuck because Marco Rubio belittled himself.  The term “Crooked Hillary” stuck …

Source: Epic – Very Fake News CNN Host Don Lemon Cuts Interview When CNN Called “Fake News”… 

BULLSHIT has is called by many names, Crooked Hillary, Fake News, Heil Obama, Dummycrats, and the list goes on. No matter what it is called BULLSHIT is still BULLSHIT and still smells the same!

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America’s Broken Democracy — Eideard “BULLSHIT” Combating Liberals!

America’s Broken Democracy

via America’s Broken Democracy  (link)

I am calling “BULLSHIT” on this article America’s Broken Democracy by Eideard. He asserts that Trump is a Narcissist and his incoherent ramblings are something only Kings and Dictators have in common, not POTUS. The Paris Accord and Trump’s decisions on Immigration and Executive Directives have transformed America into a Dictatorship. More Fake News and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is speeding down a hill like a “SnowFlafe” headed for Hell. Soon, the Dummycrats and Heil Obamas will develop a diagnosable full out “Chicken Little Personality Disorder”- similar to a Sociopath or Anti-Social. The only Narcissists are the Main Stream Media, Late Night TV hosts, and Hollywood. By the way, true narcissism’s have “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, look it up. The main thing is that the USA has never been a Democracy we are a Republic that practices a democratic form of government. Do you like apples? If you do, how did you like them apples?


To my haters and the haters of the 1st & 2nd Amendments, I would like to introduce my businesses partners Mr. Smith and Mr. Wession.

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