New on Tinybeans: Run errands (with kids!) like a pro

Plus protect your fam during flu season

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How to protect your family during cold and flu season

How to protect your family during cold and flu season
Nothing can disrupt a household quite like a nasty case of the flu. With flu season just around the corner, it’s important to keep your family safe from harmful viruses. Here are a few of our tips to keep everyone healthy and happy.
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Encourage cognitive skills through pretend play
Encourage cognitive skills with role play
These days, you may notice your toddler is especially busy feeding her Teddy, “baking” cupcakes in the sandbox, and holding a toy phone up to her ear (upside down), while chatting. Pretend play, also known as symbolic play, is when kids begin to reenact scenarios they see and experience in their own lives. This exciting stage of play goes far beyond sweet (photo-worthy!) moments—it’s a major milestone in a child’s cognitive development. Here are simple ways to inspire pretend play.
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How to run errands with kids like a pro

How to run errands with kids like a pro
Once you become a parent, easy errand runs become a thing of the past. Between packing (and unpacking) the car, keeping the entertainment flowing, and making sure you didn’t forget anything on your grocery list, you may find yourself spending more time and energy on your errands than you anticipated. Here are a few helpful tips that will keep you (and your family) on schedule.
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