8 inspiring ways to remember 2018

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2019 is in full swing but we feel it’s still important to remember all of the special memories that were made in 2018. What better way to commemorate your year than with a unique Tinybeans photo book! Here are 8 inspirational ways to remember 2018.
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1. Make a book with all of the photos with the grandparents
When grandparents are around, there is no shortage of photos with baby. Create an entire book dedicated to them and the influence they’ve made. The best part? This makes a wonderful “just because” gift!
2. Celebrate all of your selfies of 2018
Nothing says 2018 quite like a good selfie. If your camera roll is full of silly selfies or photos of your baby with the Snapchat dog filter, this is a must-have book for your shelf.
3. Create a book around 2018’s favorites
Did your child discover their favorite food, color, outfit, or toy in 2018? Make a book commemorating all of these special favorites! This book is one that can be treasured for years to come and will be fun to look back on when your child grows up.
4. Relive all of your adventures with a travel book
Baby’s first airplane ride? Traveled hundreds of miles to be with grandma? Took a family trip to Paris? Document your entire year of travel in one book. One day your child will thank you!
5. Admire your year through calendars
Our calendar template is the perfect opportunity to see your entire month all on one page. We recommend using the calendar template on the left page and use the four photo template on the right page to show off a few more favorites from the month.
6. Create a picture book
Who says captions have to tell the story? Create a picture book using just the four photo template and let your 2018 images speak for themselves.
7. Got a little fashionista? Document their #OOTD
Isn’t it so fun to look back on old photos to see how your parents dressed you? Create a book of your baby’s outfits of 2018 and give it to them when they are older. Who can resist those cute little baby shoes and tutus?
8. Create a Mommy-and-Me or a Daddy-and-Me book
The bond between a parent and child is like no other – so why not celebrate it! Create a book with just you (or just your partner) with baby. We recommend using the first page as a dedication page where you can write your wishes for baby or what your favorite moments were in 2018.
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