Make your bean the ⭐️ of holiday gifting

5️⃣ more ways to make photo books spectacular 🎉

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It’s December and here at Tinybeans HQ our holiday planning is going full steam ahead. If photo books are on your to-do list, we’ve got five more ways to make yours stand out. From chapters to special themes, here’s a few ideas to make your bean the star of holiday gifting.
With prices starting at just US$19.99, we think the new photo books experience is the easiest way to create meaningful keepsakes and gifts to share with the ones you love the most.
1. Choose memories with stickers to add even more fun and personality
If you’ve saved memories with Tinybeans stickers on them, like smiley faces, hearts, or even the month and milestone stickers, it can be a great way to add extra style to each page.
2. Use colored backgrounds to mark new “chapters”
The Tinybeans Photo Book builder will automatically add a colored page at the beginning of each month, but you can get creative and use those pretty colored backgrounds with the text layout to mark the beginning of any “chapter” you like! Think: seasons, x-month-old markers, or even themes like “funny faces” or “learning to eat” to help you create fun chapters for your child’s life story!
3. Themed photo books
Who said photo books have to be just about baby? You can use photo books to tell a story about a recent family vacation or a week with the grandparents. You can even turn these photo books into gifts for a special aunt, uncle, or cousin and feature your favorite photos of them with your tiny bean.
4. Special photo book gift to your partner
We love the idea of parents creating books for one another, with all the special photos of your parenting partner-in-crime and your child together, and special notes in the captions letting them know how much they mean to you both. We’ve seen some of the cutest, daddy-baby and mommy-baby gift books from Tinybeans families and it warms our hearts every time. What an amazing surprise gift!
5. Make it all about their personalities
We’ve seen families make some amazing books with text pages describing their children’s traits and personalities, and photos to go along! Add a text page and start with “You are…” then describe all the things you love about your tiny bean and add a photo on the opposite page to illustrate that idea. Super cute and meaningful for your child to read when they’re older.
P.S. Make sure to check out Part 1 for more inspo!
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