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5️⃣ ways to make your photo books spectacular!

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5 ways to make your photo books spectacular
In case you missed it, we launched brand new Tinybeans photo books in time for the holidays! With prices starting at just US$19.99, we think the new experience is the easiest way to create meaningful keepsakes and gifts to share with the ones you love the most.

We’re excited to share more ways to customize your photo book to make it truly unique and treasured for generations to come…

1. Start with a dedication page
Whether it’s a dedication to grandma or a message for your little one to read when they are older, we think this is a beautiful way to add the personal touch.
2. Create a photo-a-day book
Photo-a-day books are a great way to showcase the individual months or seasons with a baby. We’re big fans of setting one photo on each page with a small caption to allow the images to tell the story. We’ll automatically add your Tinybeans captions to each page.
3. Create a yearly snapshot including every month
Choosing the calendar option on the page makes it easy to have a book with the year in review. These also make perfect gifts! We recommend selecting the calendar option on one page and your favorite images from the month on the following pages.
4. Include your child’s artwork
Take a photo of your child’s artwork and add it to your Tinybeans album. Sprinkle these photos throughout your photo book to tell the whole story about this chapter of your little one’s life. Plus, this is a great way to declutter your home of all the craft 😉.
5. Use captions to tell a story
With the spaces for captions and full text pages, you can use your photo book to tell the full story about a recent family vacation, life with the grandparents, or special family milestones.
Start your photo book
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