To Whom It May Concern

Unbreakable Queen, my father once told me that if people hated me,betrayed and attacked me, “Good, you must be doing something meaningful”


To Whom It May Concern,

The reason for this letter today is simply a plea for mercy which is ironic because THIS IS THE VULNERABLE STATE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY LOVE FOR ME TO BE. Each time I manage to get back up on my feet here comes my depression shoving my ass back to the ground or instead of looking in the mirror every morning in delight, my depression somehow manages for myself to see every single imperfection I have magnetized to the highest degree. You see a confident woman which in fact is who I achieve to be but at times I careless about someone pointing out my strengths and would rather want someone who will just listen. NOT try and force me to see the things I already knows about myself in the same way you do. Opening up is by far one of the most difficult…

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