Billions of prescriptions are filled every year, and those prescriptions come in those little orange plastic bottles we’re all familiar with. What you might not know about these bottles is that only some recycling centers and initiatives take them.<br /> <br /> These orange plastic bottles are made from #5 plastic, polypropylene, which is not accepted by many curbside recyclers. One program, Gimme 5, is an opportunity to recycle #5 plastic including these containers. Here you can learn more about them <a href=”; target=”_blank” title=”Gimme 5 Recycling”>Gimme 5 Recycling</a>.<br /> <br /> One other way to keep those pill bottles out of the trash is by recycling them into pill bottle crafts! Learn all about crafting with pill bottles in the article below.<br /> <br /> Did you know that the bottles are tinted because light can damage some medications? That tint can come in handy with some of the excellent pill bottle crafts below. Learn how to paint, decoupage, create miniature storage, and more with pill bottle projects.

Source: Pill Bottle Crafts: Reuse Pill Bottles [11 Ideas]