Let’s talk female stereotypes – The Batshit Crazy Woman

Just another millennial living with her parents

I’ve found this stereotype – The Batshit Crazy Woman, to be most deleterious of all the female stereotypes.

I don’t need to look far to see the countless barrage of pictures and video that depict women to be unsavory, crazy characters –

Batshit woman

good pussy bitchWomen here have some wine

If you’re a lady, and you’re reading this, and you post this to your social media pages, you need to cut that shit out right now. In doing so, you are complicit in this stupid stereotype that brings us all down. It lowers our value.

It is always presumed that a woman never has her shit together. She’s emotional, or running late, or spilling coffee on herself.

Or all the above.

Can’t women just be fine? How about alright? How about OK?

I guess not, because my delicious, tangy slice of pie always comes with a side of crazy.

If the lady doubts herself and thinks she is…

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