Forwards Only

My father kinda often throws some dad jokes around. In fact, whose fathers don’t. But in my fam, we have a special topic for that – my addiction to coffee.

My dad’s a reaaally old fashioned man and, in his opinion, it’s clearly not the best choice for a ’15 year old stubborn teenager to start her day like that’.

For him, it’s a damned curse that damages my liver day by day. For me, it’s a morning perfection which empowers me to be as productive as possible.

Then, from 8am till 3am I gotta sit at a the work desk in my Jewish school and learn about myofibrils, risorgimento (ohh yes) or inequalities. So after such day I feel pretty unwilling to do anything else

And what’s then?

Exactly, caffe latte with my girls.

Okay, I know your purse clearly gets thinner after buying cups of coffee in the…

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