Inmate Blogger

I began contribuiting to Inmate Blogger on January 6th, 2018. If you do the math, it’s been about three months. I’ve posted close to 70 blogs, on a variety of subjects.

This month, I was convinced that nobody was actually reading my blogs. I likened it to when I was married, when I could say anything to my wife, and she wouldn’t pay attention. “I’m going to turn gay, join the circus, and artificially inseminate elephants in Pakistan, baby.”

“Oh, that’s good, baby….that’s exciting,” she would say nonchalantly, reading her newspaper, having no clue (I hope) what I had just said. (Jennifer, if you’re reading this and you actually did hear me, kudos to you! You had me fooled!).

So I wondered — were all of my blogs just going out into some big black hole in cyberspace? Or worse, what if people…perhaps lots of people…WERE reading, but they found…

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