Exploring the epiphany

I was walking down the road,

a pretty road with garbages and shadows from over the top runway buildings.

I was walking by the lampposts,

I was walking by the imbibing lights.

And I saw an old woman trying to cross the road with no addiction and no erection in her eyes,

A slap of a wind was Knocking her down…not even a mechanical beast…just wind.

I guess she had too many of flowers besides her all the time…

I laughed and went to get my booze for the night…

I will drink my youth today.

But that whole night I couldn’t sleep because I threw a burning cigarette outside the window…

I dreamed about a baked city and a smiling toothless old lady,

and beginning of it all, a wondering hippie speck of fire…

A burning cigarette it was.

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