Panda & Human Foolishness

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//I delivered this speech on 19th August Loudspeakers meetup.

//this is unedited


What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘panda’?

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“Extreme cute animal which those black glimmering eyes” that’s the first image I believe we all get in our head

The second thing can be “the achievement of human beings in helping an endangered animal”

Really, the way the scientist has saved pandas is really commendable! It’s an achievement that we humans have enough knowledge to save a naturally fucked up species.

Let me explain a bit, how much fucked up pandas are!

The body of the panda is designed for a carnivorous diet! Their paws are developed to hunt small animals. And yet this animal somehow decided that he would only eat bamboos & would use his claws only to hang from the bamboo trees., Seems like pandas are the “Jains” of the animal kingdom!

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