*Not Easily Broken*

Let Me Be Honest…When it seems like I am blogging inspiration to others it is 🔦INDEED TRUE🔦 as well as inspiring myself to desperately Keep Moving Forward👉 These past couple of months has been extremely overwhelming emotionally & physically. Instead of running to ALCOHOL 🍸, PILLS💊, OR HIDING FROM MY PROBLEMS like I did in the past…I did the unthinkable & ran straight into the core of it all! At some point I had to *face the music🎶 * Hiding do not help at all because eventually you get the urge to come out despite fully understanding the PROBLEM is still there. All you do is take precious time from your life that could be used.

I come to the realization that instead of asking “WHY ME?” Maturity has taught me to step 🚶 out of the box & look at everything at a different…

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