The Relentless Intrepreneur

Learning when and how to say ‘NO’ is a critical factor in your pursuit of success. Whilst saying ‘yes’ can be a wonderful thing, opening you up to new possibilities and opportunities it’s the power and strength to say ‘no’ that will ensure you remain clearly on your path to greatness. It can be extremely challenging and sometimes even stressful for those of us who don’t like to let people down, create disappointment or simply prefer pleasing others when we know deep down ‘yes’ is the wrong answer.

Our intuition can be a powerfully ally in this case when faced with a dilemma such as this. It’s important to understand and set your personal boundaries and limits when your inner voice attempts to hijack your preferred decision. It’s important to understand why you feel a certain way and what is driving you to succumb to this decision – understanding your…

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