Joseph Beech

I’m using broad brush strokes with my argument to shorten the length on this post. Long blog posts are boring.

Questions of Bad and wrong good and evil. Are questions that big data has no opinion in, for most of us big data can help us decipher what we value, but not tell us how we ought to live.

Big data is used to decipher what we value, inst the next step living by those values?

googling ”  Univeral Human Values ”  leads to a Wikipedia page.   The article states  ” Whether universal values exist is an unproven conjecture of moral philosophy and cultural anthropology” but what if we observe universal human values through the lens of causes and conditions for human well being.( This is  Data we can analyze, and visualize )  Gandhi argued that Non- violence is a universal value.  Stepping back On a global scale with  Social media, mobile telecommunications, and other technologies…

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