Finding Global Morality in Big Data Part 1

Joseph Beech

3 years ago I read The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has declined.  Now Bill Gates recommends this book as one of the seven books we should read for the year. It’s a fitting book for a year with so much chaos change and confusion. violence worldwide is on the decline,  and I find that reassuring. Especially when the emotional side of me views the newspaper headlines in the morning.Deaths by wars and genocidesSource and better quality version

However, violence is just a single vector.A more wholesome view is revealed adding vectors. Socio-economic change, environmental change, and technological change.   Its the end of 2017,10 years ago The world first smartphone came out.  We don’t know to what extent our political polarization is a by-product of social media and technological change.    Social media has made us more networked and interconnected than any other period of time, wich means the choices we make.Are amplified and distributed far…

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