The Oregon Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld a $135,000 fine against two Christian bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Source: Court rules against Oregon bakers who refused to make gay wedding cake { Link } I am not a homophobic. Homosexual same-sex couples have just as much right […]emocrat

via Court rules against Oregon bakers who refused to make gay wedding cake. WTF! — MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR

The owners had no problem making the cake. Their faith would not allow it to be topped with figures of men embracing. A small business can refuse service for cause to anyone violating “Community Standards” aka Fakebook. The Bill Of Rights authors never heard of same-sex marriage. The Civil Rights Bill signed by LBJ addressed the reasons, Race, Sex, religion and nationality. The Liberally Deranged champion Diversity and are always looking for more “House Slaves” to toll at the ballet box. Strange that Dixie Crats fought LBJ and were obstructionist. LBJ had to join forces with Republicans to pass laws. Also, the KKK was near 100% Democrats and most were up north. The historical statues that offend Snowflakes so much were not even erected until 1910-1930, made by a company in New Hampshire and paid for by Democrats. The song “DIXIE”, written by a Democrat and first performed in New York by black faced actors. It is a love song. Political correctness does not replace history. It makes poor logic. Trust but verify Chicken Little!

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