Alone Or Not Alone

This lady has more courage than any 10 males I know! A strong woman is to be admired.


This feeling of not being isolated by DEPRESSION but having countless of others who can UNDERSTAND first hand this DEPRESSION crap is no joke. So many emotions go through my head non-stop to the point I just want to find a hole and dwell there for a few. On top of everything crying all throughout today really helped me to release the built up hurt I sometimes keep hidden. I typically talk myself from reaching my breaking point on many occasions. At the end of the day if no one around me has my back He does and that helps tremendously. I honestly cannot count on one hand the people who I feel has my back because I don’t believe anyone truly does but GOD. Opening up to someone is extremely difficult because my trust in others is in such turmoil that I be upfront with my true feelings concerning…

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3 thoughts on “Alone Or Not Alone

  1. Thank you for sharing my post and the intro comment!🙏

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    1. I enjoy giving a good author and well constructed site a “SHOUT OUT”

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      1. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it…I hope you have an amazing day!

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