via Trump Impeachment. Will Your Hopes Come True?(

Daniel is a very talented author and is passionate about his politics, as am I. As adults, we can agree to disagree. Like Thomas Payne, I disagree with Daniel,but will fight til the death his right to state his opion. He is free to his own opion, however, not his own facts! I am a 60 year old Goldwater Rep. My first vote was for Gerald Ford. I never want another Mr. Rodgers or a “Legacy” Pres. Again. I am now a Liberitairan. The Republicaints and Dummycrats are no longer of any use to the USA! I have an article being prepaired for Politico that I invite Daniel to contribute. Keep the faith and I will fight along side you. “The tree of liberty must be nurished by the blood of patriots…” Peace, Matshall