John Westley Hardin Anti-Social Icon

Born May 26, 1853 – Murdered Aug 19, 1895. Shot in the back 4x’s at the age of by Constable John Selman, Sr., who was avenging a pistol whipping Hardin administered to Selman, Jr. The beloved son of a Methodist Preacher and Southerner and named after the founder of the Methodist Church, John Wesley. Home was Bonham, Tx. where he killed his first man at age 15, Nov 1868. Fled Texas fearing Northern injustice. Aug 6, 1871 killed a man for snoring in the next room. It was an accident, but the reputation was born. He was 5′ 9”  160lbs. In his autobiography he claims to have killed 42 men. Historians place the number closer to 27. However, 9 men died in “High Noon” face to Face shoot-outs. His mentor and hero was Wild Bill Hickok, who was his only semi-sane friend. His holsters were sewn to his vests and he drew cross armed, Will Bill style (He wore a red waste band-no gun-belt). Hickok was a deadly accurate shot but Hardin was so fast Hickok said Hardin could shoot out a candle and be in bed before the room got dark. Hardin had a true personality disorder, Anti-Social Narc. Finally sentenced to 25 years at Huntsville Prison June 5, 1885 age 28. Texas Rangers caught him on a train in Pensacola, Fl. In prison he eared a Law Degree and became a Sunday School Teacher. After he was pardoned, he passed the Texas Bar and practiced civil law for a while. However, evil never sleeps. He was a true American Badass and the most feared gunslinger who ever lived. At an auction in 1999, the bullet that killed him (back of the head) sold for $80,000.00



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