“Son, this may sound against all I have taught you. Someday you will understand. Never trust your heart. You will let it lie to yourself when better judgement should guide you. You will listen to your hearts lie and the lies of others. God gave you an angle which sits on your shouldered and speaks very softly to you if you will listen. Sometimes it has to scream. It is called your “GUT”. It is always wright and never lies. Sometimes it’s words are painful. Never discredit your gut instinct. Mankind has survived because of it. It kept me alive in Korean and you were born as was your son and grandchildren some day. You are not paranoid your gut picks up on bad vibrations about people and situations around you. You will face many situations in your life when you will not know the right thing to do. That is ok. Your gut will show you what NOT to do. Just don’t do that and be still and let God take it from there. This takes practice. Remember, God’s voice stills you, leads you and convicts you (paraphrase). Religion does the opposite. Religion is for people who are afraid to die and do not want to go to HELL. Spirituality is for people who have been to HELL and do not want to go back. God takes you places where you will meet people from your past to avoid. Your gut will point them out to you! – Kenneth Wade Thompson , Dad

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