I admire the style of such Blogs as this. I am stuck with being country as a turnip green. Peace Marshall



That’s really all that money is but yet it rules our lives like Evil King John from the 1200’s. We’ve been living a financially responsible life on the road for 3+ years and have met many kindred spirits along the way each striving for dreams in the unknown. It’s difficult to say but a lot of the people we meet are not financially stable and have downright awful saving (therefore spending) habits.

DSC_0791.JPG Smile bigger because you don’t need to stress about your finances – Read on Below!

Whether you’re a full time vanlifer, casual weekender, destitute by choice, or working hard to fund the next few months of travel, these saving tips apply to everyone!

  1. START A BUDGET AND KEEP TO IT!This is our hands down most important piece of advice – It will take a few weeks to dial in but trust us. Begin by writing down…

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