Just when you think you have more on your plate than you could ever handle, your immune system decides FUCK YOU IM HAVING A BREAK. Screaming out to every bug within a 50 mile radius, to invade every nook, cranny and crevice of your body. Growing and multiplying until there isn’t a healthy atom of you left.

I feel sick, I’m freezing, achey, have a horrendous cough….and generally feel awful. On top of that I woke up with……warning you boys out there you might gag ready this bit…..I woke up with the worse case of thrush I’ve had in ages! I was so itchy I could ripped my lady lips off!!!! Oh and I have a sty on my eye too. So right now I’m pretty much the sexiest woman alive, lucky Mr Secret Blog.

However, when your a grown up with responsibilities, you don’t have time to be poorlie…

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