Just wanted to pop in and wish you and yours a happy, joy-filled Thanksgiving. This year marks an especially meaningful celebration of gratitude, not only for my mom’s continued recovery from her stroke 11 months ago, but also the lessons learned along the way. This was the year I learned my fortitude. This was the […]

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My “Partner-n-Crime” BeautyBeyondBones, started a flood of memories for me when I read her article and one about “The Cabbage Patch Craze 1983” both articles are about Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving was the Holiday reserved to be spent with my father from 1981 til his Home Coming in 2007 (Thompsons never use the term Death), Pop told me when I was age 18 “Never cry when the redeemed die or rejoice when the wicked die” I am 60 now and have decided that my memories are owned by ME, nobody else gets to define or remember them differently than I do. I only have time for smiles, not tears!