On sexual abuse,
A friend sent me a video last week. I wanted to post it here but I found it a bit gory and disgusting.
A girl of about 13 years old was busy,as in very busy having sex,(anally,vaginally,orally) with a baby boy of about 4 years old.
As i type this,I still have not been able to get my mind of that video.
She fondled the penis of the boy for sometime,then gave him orals it severally,open her legs and asked the boy to feed on her vagina,turned around for a doggy,bent down and asked the boy to feed on her developing breasts..While doing all these,she was watching the door to be sure they were alone in the bathroom.
My heart skipped severally. I cried for several reasons after watching that video.
1)Who was recording the act? Or let me assume it was a planted camera…

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