The Doors To Wisdom

I’ll now tell you a little tale about a boy so young, fragile and frail. I hate myself, I took the blame, living in shame.

Emotions fill with the words I write, chills down my spine and a blurry sight.

You took your insecurities and made them my own, it’s your face that still haunts me, especially when i’m alone.

I could only see your shades of grey when I was with you when you made me stay.

You told me you wouldn’t hurt me and you did still, I was hurting as my eyes began to fill.

Before me you stand, your movements echo the empty room, you lean over me with a pose as you begin to groom.

Reluctant to take part and force applied, I’m scared and shaken as my hands are tied.

You used me, you abused me, you stripped away my pride. You took no…

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