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A healthy relationship whether single or married is one where both parties are happy being who they are and they both are ready to make selfless sacrifices that will make the relationship grow from level 1 to level 10. .. I was reading a post this evening and I was unhappy. I try to skip such posts because when I read them and make comments beneath,I get tempted to say so much and someone else may think I have so much hate. .. On the contrary,I have so much love to give BUT I HATE OPPRESSION,INTIMIDATION,SELFISHNESS, DISRESPECT,SELF INSECURITY,AND LACK OF COMMON SENSE. I base my thoughts and feelings on these things,so when I see traces or see these things being displayed by an adult to another adult who is suppossed to their partner.. My head aches. .. .. I have always talked about the importance of respecting the choices a…

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