Cristian Mihai

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

What you believe you need, whatever rules you think apply to certain situations, that’s what you’ll need to obey.

Of course, the main issue is the debilitating beliefs, the frames of mind that inhibit you from achieving your dreams and goals.

Stuff’s quite simple: create a reality you are proud of, one that makes you happy.

Just fucking do it!

Don’t be lazy. Don’t be seduced by the easy way out, the one that says you can’t because of this or that. They are only excuses.

Don’t be poor; poor is a frame of mind, broke is a temporary situation. Poor is one who thinks others became rich because they stole, or got lucky, or had the opportunity to live in different times.

Broke is something you can fix.

Don’t be lazy. In action and thinking. Don’t…

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