Trump’s ‘backdoor’ plan for silver

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Trump’s “backdoor” plan for silver

A massive bull market for silver could be around the corner – thanks to a clever “backdoor” policy plan that Trump wants to implement soon.

Here’s how he’s doing it:

Liberals hate the real policy he’s building.

So he’s winning them over by including a huge green initiative.

THE CATCH: This green initiative requires a very specific kind of electrical component.

It requires millions of these components.

And these components are loaded with pure silver.

If Trump’s “backdoor” plan goes through, demand for silver could skyrocket.

You can imagine what that demand will do to prices.

Many are already planning to use Trump’s “backdoor” plan for silver to their advantage.

You can learn how to do the same using this free report offered here.

P.S. — Silver supply is currently sinking rapidly… faster than it has in years. A spike in demand from Trump’s plan at a time like this could easily take silver to record highs. See how you can benefit here.

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