my-huckleberries Marshall “I’m Your Huckleberry” Thompson shared “Just a few of the people I have seen in person up close. Operated and worked with from Louisiana. My son and grand-daughter. Crazy people events sights and p laces. The sh**t I have said. The sh** I’ve heard. Just a glimpse at Marshallville. Where sanity checks in; but it never checks out. Enter at your own risk. You have been forwarned! List or Greatest/Largest I have seen In person: 1, Am erican President: Ronald Reagan 2. Manwhore: Bill Clinton 3. Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster: Hillary Clinton 4.Th e Man behind the curtain: Bill Cosby 5.Impersonator of me: Ron White 6. Bat Shit Crazy: Gary Bussey 7. Bat Shit Cr azy Plus: My X-Wife 8. Bad Ass: Bill Goldberg 9. Nasty Bitch: Hurricane Katrina 10. Last Man Stand: John Wayne 1 1. Walked the Talk: Dr. Rev Martan Luther King ” with you

AD4M7owETkq8ip8hLFzPb0iokIRhZgNCRCqX-eEzt5qfMw=s80-cc Marshall “I’m Your Huckleberry” Thompson shared an album with you
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