Americans Have Found That a New Search Engine is Exposing Personal Data. Have You Searched Your Name Yet?

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If You Thought You Had Privacy on the Internet, Think Again: This Search Engine Knows Everything

Have you looked up your name yet? Shocking site exposes personal records of millions of Americans, with a simple computer search.

New Site is Collecting Your Data, Enter Name to See What They Post – Google May Not Show You This, Take a Look

You could be surprised by what’s publicly available on you. Look up your own name to see what others could potentially see about you, or search anyone you know. The process is simple – Step 1) Enter Name and State, Step 2) See Results.

NOTICE: This site contains REAL police records, background reports, photos, court documents, address information, phone numbers, and much more. Please BE CAREFUL when conducting a search, and ensure all the information you enter is accurate.

This might be the most important web search you do Click Here to Enter a Name.

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