Source: MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR – ” I’m Your Huckleberry “

My free mentoring service for at-risk male youths as it is listed thru Google Business. 1. Tutoring 2. Life skills 3.Possitive Roll Model 4. Man vs Male 5. CASA 6. Men’s Movement  7. Good Men Project 8. Ect.

My attempt at “Paying It Forward” to male youths who never had the benelfit of having a Dad (being a sperm donor makes a father, not a Dad) like I had. I female is born with almost everything she needs to know about being a mother, but a boy has to learn how to be a Man-Treat Women-Become a Dad by watching what his Dad did as he grows up. Sometimes the example is negative or no example at all. A shout out to Single Mothers ” Your are the real Super Woman”

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