WW1/The GreatWaris starts with killing of Austrian king .

At the time of ww1 German was too much socially,economically rich.

Before the ww1 and after the ww1 in the Germany, we can seen major differences like

alcohol become easily available at lower price and neecesary thing was at higher price.

Alot people become jobless. there is lots of property and great damage ofeconomy andprogress.

Germany turn into sex center of world with cheap alcohol and drugs etc.number of sex worker in increased.

people also comes from different countries from enjoying sex at lower price.sex filming and photography are also gain importantance.

we only know that Adolf Hitler is responsible for ww2 but howhe was responsible for ww1?

ANSWER – from my side I saying the communist people because at ww1 Germany is rulled by communist people.

In ww2,Adolf Hitlerwas fighting with USSR(communist people).

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