demonetisation phenomenon book review 


Publisher:bloomsbury publishing
No. of Pages:272
Publish Date:2017-10-10

About The Book

Confused about Demonetization? Not really sure what it was about? Do you have avague idea but are not sure about certain aspects?

Then this is the book for you.

Discover the answers to all your queries here, as we explore:

-Job prospects after demonetization

-What demonetization means for you as a layman

-Whether demonetization spells well for all economic classes

India’s infrastructural support f or a digital economy

-The reforms needed to support demonetization

-Its impact on sectors as different as retail, real estate, telecom and banking

The storm that swept away all your old currency may have settled down but thelandscape it has left behind is a changed one. Inspiring not just a backlash and intensedebates but new start-up opportunities, demonetization is still not ready to be relegatedto the trash can of…

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2 thoughts on “demonetisation phenomenon book review 

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