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A red pill and a blue pill (from here)

Any thoughtful person, anyone willing to carefully examine their motives and assumptions, will eventually realize the power of make-believe is startling. We can get so involved in our fantasies we really do start living them. Consider.

  • A child with an imaginary friend.
  • The sports fans who talk as if they think they are on the team.
  • The elderly ladies who talk about their soap operas as if the people in them were real.
  • The conspiracy theorist who believes in wild conspiracies.
  • That nice person who would never hurt anyone’s feelings by telling them the truth.
  • The people who voted for Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler and turned their eyes away when the Nazis exterminated millions.

Are we very much different? Consider all the oxy-morons we use these days.

  • Same-sex marriage: If the sex of the two people in a marriage…

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