I get weak in the knees over a woman with a chain saw! #PeaceMarshall

On Art and Aesthetics

Kelly Reemtsen

The modern-day women of Kelly Reemtsen use it all—dishrags to wrenches to chainsaws, objects that range from domestic to menacing. They undertake household chores and traditionally masculine tasks but remain adorned in fashionable designer dresses and runway-worthy accessories. They boldly exhibit strength, capabilities and versatility and they do so while wearing their femininity with pride. They feel no need to dilute or dissolve their inner identity. They keep alive whatever in them is soft and delicate, colourful and beautiful. The sharp juxtapositions in the images also represent the elusive nature of women, many of whom may comfortably contain seemingly contradictory traits—and can forever be a source of puzzlement to the men around them.

What is the proper role of the contemporary woman? The artist asks through her work. Her answer is quite simple – anything!

The audience may immediately come up with two questions upon examining these paintings…

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