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In Surprise Event, Amazon Announces SIX New Echo Products

By Jack Kocsis 6:48 PM 10/08/2017

The Amazon Echo has become a centerpiece in the modern home. Now that I’ve had one for close to a year, I can’t imagine living without it. The functionality of playing whatever song I want whenever I ask is itself a game-changer.

Since coming out with the Echo three years ago, Amazon has steadily released more and more Echo products, which utilize the virtual assistant Alexa to help you with whatever you need. So far, they’ve come out with the Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap, the Echo Show and the Echo Look. On Wednesday, in a surprise event, they announced six new Echo products. This includes an updated version of the Echo, which is smaller, with a better Dolby speaker, and comes in various designs (such as fabric-covered and wood-finished). It also includes the Echo Plus (which turns your home into a smart home by automatically connecting to smart appliances), the Echo Connect (which turns any Echo into a speakerphone), and Echo Buttons (which turn your Echo into a party game). The new product that I’m most excited about, by far, is the Echo Spot. It is a small alarm clock speaker that also functions as a videophone. I am pre-ordering mine right now to put in my bedroom.

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