I have a Remember Me jar as xpnuggets suggests. If only I could find it? CRS: Can’t Remember S**t


Ah yes, the project is going- Wait, what did you say again?” At one point or another, we all have had this moment – the sense of essentially going through a washing machine. You grasp one conversation, in full swing of details, when the next moment the connection abruptly ends. I think it is time we finally wrestle this weightless feeling to the ground. Not only will it boost our confidence, but also productivity, time management, and conversation skills. Let’s get started, no?

Personally, I find fantasizing things the key to success in many subjects. In our case of forgetfulness, fantasizing is queen. How does it aid you? If you fantasize the beautiful dinner you are going to make tonight, and perhaps picture it in your dream place – a castle, cabin, canoe – you are going to better remember the ingredients. In a conversation, picture the end…

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