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What is purity of body,  mind, heart or soul and how it is attained?

The word, pure means free from any foreign elements or contaminants which impede our growth. It means being free from any toxins. It is in its original form. Healthy diet too is responsible for keeping our body free from toxic poisons. Over-indulgence of any form leads to abnormality in our health. We have the example of water purity or purity of milk etc. In the same manner, we have the purity of our body and mind. Our body could be made purified when it is kept hygienically clean but could it be applied to our mind or soul? Purity of our body is attained when we remove any unwanted contaminants from it.

Purity of our mind is attained when our mind is naturally pure, is free from unnatural impulses or negative emotions which hinder our onward…

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