I read this book last year and loved it! I have been passing it around to the young men I mentor and my connections at Linkedin. Another good read is “The S**t My Dad Says” I had to apologize to my son who thinks it is my autobiography. He grew up with a Dad with no filter as well. #PeaceMarshall

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The subtle art of not giving a fuck is a book that I’ve been suggesting to everyone. I loved reading this book and up until this moment I’ve read the book 2 times which proves how great it is. This book has changed my view on my own life and in a way you can consider this a wakeup call. This book along with ‘mindset’ are books that should be a must-read for anyone in the middle of adulting.

I usually talk about the book itself and how it’s written but I saw that the writer, also a blogger, has posted an excerpt of the book on his blog and I advise you to read that before reading this review. So click here for that.

Just like you probably saw from the title the autor does not mince matters. This book is brutally honest and therefore one of the best…

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