Reasons I know I’m getting old(er)

I turned 60 last week. In my mind, I am still 10 ft tall and bulletproof. NOT! 1. I still write letters 2. I have a home phone (no cell) 3. I use a #2 pencil. 3.The only thing hard about me is my blood vessels. 4. I never trust a fart. 4. Adult Diapers are calling my name. 5. Death seems like a good way to vacation. Thank you for the smile on my face, The Secret Blog of a 30-Year-Old! #PeaceMarshall



The past few years I have noticed a big change in how I see certain things in daily life, every time I tell anyone in my ‘real life’ about these changes they always say ‘ooo it’s a sign your getting old!!’ And I thought what better way to celebrate my grumpy old woman maturing ways than to share it with you lovely people!

Hearing house parties and general noises of fun pisses me off

When I’m in my garden I want peace and tranquility. Nothing pisses me off more than my sanctuary being destroyed by noises of a loud BBQ in a Neibouring garden or even worse, a house party. When I was younger these noises didn’t bother me at all, it was people having harmless fun, what’s the problem? Now however I get really annoyed, saying things like ‘for fucks sake it’s a Sunday!!! Why do they have to…

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1 thought on “Reasons I know I’m getting old(er)

  1. Thank u again for the share 😘😘 xxx

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