Help! Is Love a Decision or Not?

Meiji has brought up a subject I have never considered before! Just as soon as I made up my mind and was about to comment, I would change my mind. This occurred several times. I have no answers. There is only one thing I am sure of to an absolute moral certainty, We Chose To Hate!


Hello there lovely readers!

I would very much love to hear your opinion on the topic: love is a decision, yes or no?

This is because we will be having a debate about this tomorrow already, and I am more than eager to know what your stand here is.

For my group and I’s three main points, here they are:

1.You do not choose who you will fall in love with. You do not decide your own love story, the setting and the main character who will be beside you. Love just simply comes, whether you are ready or not.

Under this, is the fact that you cannot force yourself to love someone just because you want the idea of love, yoy want to know what love is, experience it and love someone. It is not that simple.

2. People say thatwe have standards, what…

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