Acquaintance to legitimacy

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Life is full of disillusionment. Beliefs one develops or are taught become sources of great disappointment, even betrayal, when they turn out not to be true

Think of when one discovers how the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are actually fictions created by trusted adults to inspire innocent imagination. Now the little child also understands that parents can tell a deliberate lie. Or there is a more powerful disillusionment with the power of parents and a promise that children want their parents to make: to always keep the child saf

This is what the child wants parents to say. “We will always be there when you have need.” “We will always protect you from harm.” “We will always make good decisions.” “We will always know what to do.”

But time and again, experience with parents falls short of this expectancy. So the child makes some jarring…

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