Creative Thinking Well

Hello everyone, today I felt like experimenting with some new poetry. My style is almost always free form, yet I have never explored repeating elements. Therefore today I bring forth two “repeating elements” poems in a contrasting light. The first is a haunting story, the child-perspective inspired by reading Frank Solanki‘s newest work. The second, in turn, grab the beauty of sunflowers in a new picture. While I might not do repeating elements that often, it is always nice to mix my poems up. I hope you do enjoy:

Hello, Hello?

Hello, hello?
Tap, tap on your wall
You sit there, curled up
So warm.

Let me in, let me in?
Mummy says it is a dream
Too much television
So safe.

Talk to me, talk to me?
You hide and cry
I cry, I cry
So long.

Who turned out the lights?
Tap, tap on your wall

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