​July 2017 Reading Warp Up!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!!!

I hope July had been a great month for you all coz for me , it was. Yessssss (Except for the weight I gained)

July was kind of free for me as my semester ended and I got semester break of a whole month. You understand what that mean, right?……………😏

A whole month of Reading and Fun only!!!!!!

This whole month was really awesome for me as I started many of the series that was trying to start for a looooooooooooooong time………..I’m kind of lazy(super). Hehe😅😅


(Including Novellas​)

Some of them were good and some of them were fine but overall it was a great (bookish) month.

  • SeriesICompleted

1. ShatterMe SeriesbyTahereh Mafi

Though the series isn’t completed by the author yet, I read the books those are out till now.

Thisseries consist of 5 books…

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