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Alfaz Zindagi ke #16

Originally posted on Story of my life:
Pyar hi Har samasya ka hal he…..? ? ? ? *आँखे बंद करने से..* ? ? ? *मुसीबत नहीं टलती .!* ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? *और .* ? ? ? ?*मुसीबत आए बिना ..* ? ? ? ? *आँखे ?नहीं खुलती…*? ? ?…

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Originally posted on "A H F L":
Hi my name is “A” nice to meet you all. I’m third year highschool currently studying to a popular school in Japan. My father was holding a famous clothing brand “pinshoppe“ I’m always the representative in class since i was transferred. I’m Good at Sport, Games, everything .…

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Originally posted on Sweta Ojha:
Bizarre A guy in blue checks stuttered a speech No bullies laughed him off. An obsessed girl picked the one less seen They danced and exchanged nods To one that shopped from a baby’s inn With the one that towered all. The party goers with their skinny jeans Looked at…

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