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” This is a story about a man named Jed, a poor mountaineer who barely kept his family feed. Then one day…Black Gold “





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How I overcome writers block and come up with blog post ideas 


As someone who tries to blog everyday, I have to be on the ball with creating blog post ideas and knowing what I want to write. Some days this is easier than others, so I thought I would share what I do when I’m feeling slightly uninspired but am still itching to write. As well as how I come up with ideas through daily life. This post won’t apply to everyone, as it will depend of what you Blog about, but hopefully it might give you some ideas to steer you in the right direction. My tips aren’t in any particular order and quite a few points over lap but I thought it would be easier to read this way rather than a giant babbled essay.

1. Writing every idea down as you have it

This is a really big one for my blog post ideas. Throughout the day and…

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Alfaz Zindagi ke #16

Story of my life

Pyar hi Har samasya ka hal he…..

*आँखे बंद करने से..*

*मुसीबत नहीं टलती .!*

*और .*

*मुसीबत आए बिना ..*

*आँखे नहीं खुलती…*

*छल* में बेशक *बल* है


*प्रेम में आज भी हल* है..

- Ankur Chaudhari

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Hello, Hello? | Sunshine Flowers

Creative Thinking Well

Hello everyone, today I felt like experimenting with some new poetry. My style is almost always free form, yet I have never explored repeating elements. Therefore today I bring forth two “repeating elements” poems in a contrasting light. The first is a haunting story, the child-perspective inspired by reading Frank Solanki‘s newest work. The second, in turn, grab the beauty of sunflowers in a new picture. While I might not do repeating elements that often, it is always nice to mix my poems up. I hope you do enjoy:

Hello, Hello?

Hello, hello?
Tap, tap on your wall
You sit there, curled up
So warm.

Let me in, let me in?
Mummy says it is a dream
Too much television
So safe.

Talk to me, talk to me?
You hide and cry
I cry, I cry
So long.

Who turned out the lights?
Tap, tap on your wall

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Sweta Ojha

Sweta Ojha poem Bizarre

A guy in blue checks stuttered a speech

No bullies laughed him off.

An obsessed girl picked the one less seen

They danced and exchanged nods

To one that shopped from a baby’s inn

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​July 2017 Reading Warp Up!!!

Priya's Blog

Hello Everyone!!!!!

I hope July had been a great month for you all coz for me , it was. Yessssss (Except for the weight I gained)

July was kind of free for me as my semester ended and I got semester break of a whole month. You understand what that mean, right?……………😏

A whole month of Reading and Fun only!!!!!!

This whole month was really awesome for me as I started many of the series that was trying to start for a looooooooooooooong time………..I’m kind of lazy(super). Hehe😅😅


(Including Novellas​)

Some of them were good and some of them were fine but overall it was a great (bookish) month.

  • SeriesICompleted

1. ShatterMe SeriesbyTahereh Mafi

Though the series isn’t completed by the author yet, I read the books those are out till now.

Thisseries consist of 5 books…

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Destruction of a Power Plant God

Power Plant Men

Sometimes we unknowingly end up worshiping things we never intend.  It isn’t until those things are destroyed before we realize what has happened.  We have a natural tendency to worship something.  It’s built into our DNA to worship God just as sure as the God Particle converts energy into matter and subsequently atoms into earth and water.  I’m not sure when my obsession began, but I definitely know the day when it was destroyed.  August 5, 1996.

The day of realization began as a normal day, as Scott Hubbard and I were driving to the plant.  It seemed like an extra dark morning considering it was the middle of the summer.  Perhaps it was because by this time we were working four tens, which meant we arrived at the plant before 7:00 am so we left Stillwater, Oklahoma at 6:15 to drive to the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central…

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